Brunskill specialises in assisting clients who are subject to direct and indirect tax investigations by HMRC. We work in partnership with leading accountancy firms in order to give comprehensive advice on civil and criminal tax matters.

We have a detailed knowledge of HMRC’s civil and criminal investigation powers and offer expert advice on how to deal with investigations concerning your personal, company or business affairs. We have advised clients in relation to investigations that have concerned all manner of specialist and industry specific tax matters.

We have conducted negotiations with HMRC on behalf of clients in Code of Practice 9 investigations and have also advised on disclosures using the Lichtenstein Disclosure Facility.

In cases that begin with a dawn raid and arrests in relation to suspected tax fraud, we have a good record of negotiating with HMRC investigators and avoiding a prosecution by securing a civil settlement (although this depends on the circumstances of each case).

If a HMRC investigation does develop into a criminal prosecution, we have extensive experience of representing clients in complex and heavyweight proceedings. We have managed and controlled the reputational consequences for high profile businesses and, above all, we have delivered results for our clients. Please see our commercial fraud and business crime page for further details.

  • Please see our previous cases page for details of some of our past work.
  • We are currently involved in a number of serious and complex tax cases but are prevented from publishing details of these because of court reporting restrictions or because of our clients’ wishes to remain anonymous.